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Pipe Dreams -- Summarized by getAbstract
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"Pipe Dreams -- Summarized by getAbstract"

7 pipelines of career success.

When he was a kid, Mike Gellman loved to gaze at the stars through a telescope. He planned to become an astronomer – until he wrote a career paper in the seventh grade. Then, he learned that most astronomers work for colleges (this didn’t interest him), don’t make much money (he wanted to earn a good living) and must become expert at physics (not his favorite subject). Soon after giving up on becoming the next Carl Sagan, Gellman discovered his true passion: helping others. Now he thrives as a senior talent management adviser at the Southern California Gas Company and also works as a career coach. In this short, pleasant read, he uses the metaphor of a “gas pipeline system” to convey useful career advice. Sometimes, this construct works well; other times the pipeline metaphor gets a little stretched, but the good advice always flows. getAbstract recommends Gellman’s practical counsel particularly for those who lack prior career coaching. Apply his advice to fix any “broken pipes” impeding your career, and let your energy flow.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to defeat the 10 most common “career myths”
  • How the “four A’s of preparation” can work for you
  • How to maximize the “three A’s of career potential”
  • How the seven “pipelines of career success” can boost your professional path

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